Exchange with the University of Exeter

Alicia Leiva has returned from a three months visit to the Department of Psychology at the University of Exeter (UK) where she had the priviledge to work with action control expert Prof. Frederick Verbruggen.

Alicia experienced first-hand research in one of UK's top Psychology departments with a long and solid tradition of international-level research, internationl researchers recruited from all over the world, and advanced laboratory facilities. A chance for her to be introduced to a range of new techniques such as TMS, and to run two original experiments on attention and action reorienting that we have just submitted to publication (Leiva, Parmentier, Elchlepp, Andrés, & Verbruggen, submitted).


University of Exeter, Washington Singer Building.

University of Exeter, Washington Singer Building.

We are very grateful to Prof. Verbruggen and all his team for offering Alicia such an amazing training opportunity!

This research visit was sponsored by the FPU program (AP2010-0021) from the Ministry of Education awarded to Alicia Leiva.